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All 80 Smash Bros Ultimate Costumes Now Available in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

There are so many reasons to love Animal Crossing: New Horizons and at the top of the list is how it allows the Switch community to flex their creative muscles.

Ever since the game was released back in March, we’ve seen players create their own short films; talk shows; movie trailers, and even a high-end fashion show.

Now Animal Crossing: New Horizons has inspired a new impressive project, and this new one may take the cake for most ambitious.

Using a wide variety of clothing items available in-game, as well as a few custom designs, Redditor DJ-Dez spent over 400 hours outfitting his Animal Crossing villager to look like each of the characters in the ridiculously large Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. And he’s gone so far as make sure that characters like King K. Rule, Piranha Plant, Fox, and Bowser look non-human by faces on hats and helmets and then tilting his villager’s heads forward to show them off.

DJ-Dez certainly has an eye for fashion— there are 80 different costumes in total, some of which are alternate forms of a character like Dark Samus, Chrom, and Lucina. And the good news is, he’s sharing his work. If you’re interested in outfitting your villager with some of these outfits, you can find DJ-Dez’s designs by searching for the creator ID: MA-3790-6501-6469.

[Source: Eurogamer]

Super Smash Ultimate Animal Crossing
Image credit: u/DJ-Dez via Reddit

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