AEW Dynamite: The Inner Circle Takes Center Stage

by Ian Goodwillie

AEW Dynamite Review

The Inner Circle have been circling a major breakup ever since MJF joined the group. And if tonight was any indication, this faction is in for some huge changes in 2021. Where things go after the Inner Circle’s big tag team main event remains to be seen but it won’t be boring.

This episode of Dynamite was incredibly good, from front to back. After a couple of dubious episodes, this was a return to form for AEW. None of the matches were duds, and almost every segment was fantastic. That being said, there was only one real black mark on the night.

AEW Dynamite

Miro and Kip Sabian’s feud with Best Friends continues to be the least interesting part of AEW. It should have been done with weeks ago but it just keeps dragging on. At least it was framed by an incredible Women’s Division match this week.

The Inner Circle implodes in slow motion

The main event of Dynamite featured three tag teams made up of various Inner Circle members competing to represent the faction in the Tag Team Division. Jericho and MJF were a team as were Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager. Naturally, Santana and Ortiz were a team in this match.

Santana and Ortiz are one of the best tag teams in AEW, if not the entire business. Their involvement with the Inner Circle has seen them all but vanish from prominence in AEW’s Tag Team Division. Fans hoped that this was finally the moment that they would get to work.

Not shockingly, Jericho and MJF won the match with the assistance of Wardlow. This makes them the official Inner Circle contender for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. They need to win some matches to earn that shot. The Young Bucks also have bigger things on their plates at the moment.

If this isn’t foreshadowing the end of the Inner Circle, then the finish was pointless. Santana and Ortiz need to break out on their own and chase those titles. Sammy Guevara also needs to start working on his own, too. The man is just too good to be in anyone’s shadow.

More big decisions were made

The Inner Circle wasn’t the only team making big decisions on Dynamite. Both Private Party and Adam Page had decisions to make, though Page’s was the only advertised one. Still, it was a big night for him and the VIPs of AEW.

Dynamite opened with an eight man tag match that pitted members of the Dark Order and Adam Page against Chaos Project and TH2. The whole thing was a birthday match for -1, aka Brodie Jr. As one would expect, the Dark Order came out on top. All of the shenanigans around the match were as amazing as the match itself.

Adam Page, Alex Reynolds and John Silver in particular worked amazingly well together. That just made the gut punch of Page not joining the Dark Order that much tougher. But this storyline is not over yet, and the sad Millennial cowboy will eventually join their ranks. It all just works too well for him not to.

Private Party partnered with Matt Hardy in a match against the incredible team of Top Flight and Matt Sydal. If AEW does launch a trios title, Top Flight and Sydal should be in the mix. But the crazy part of the match was Private Party buying fully into “Big Money” Matt’s style and turning heel.

The whole thing was super unexpected but could elevate Private Party. After Tuesday night’s win on Impact, they are now the number one contenders for the Impact World Tag Team Championships. When and where that match happens remains to be seen.

Other things happened that didn’t involve the Inner Circle

There were a lot of solid backstage segments advancing everything going on with Kenny Omega and Impact Wrestling. Keeping in mind that The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers have to work together in a eight man tag match soon, this should get interesting fast.

It was also nice to see the storyline with Sting and Darby Allin move forward. They are now all but officially partners. It even looks like a Street Fight with Team Taz is on the horizon. As good as Sting and Allin are, they should recruit some backup for that one.

Jon Moxley got back in the ring for the first time in a while for a great match with rising star Nick Comoroto. Mox looked good as always but Nick really put on a show for the Dynamite crowd. He’s not ready for title contention, yet, but a bigger push should be in order.

Peter Avalon was also on Dynamite, competing against Cody Rhodes. It was a fantastic match. Avalon’s current gimmick is firing on all cylinders. He also proved he can go with a top competitor like Rhodes. This would have been insane to say a few months ago, but Avalon could become a solid AEW midcarder.

Leyla Hirsch was originally scheduled to wrestle Nyla Rose. Unfortunately, Rose is on a COVID quarantine as she was in contact with someone who was diagnosed. Penelope Ford stepped in, and the two women put on an outstanding match. Both Ford and Hirsch are bigger stars than AEW is giving them credit for.

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