AEW Dynamite: Kenny Omega Lands with a Thud

by Ian Goodwillie

Kenny Omega wrestling in the main event should guarantee the best match of the night. Not so much this week. The main event moment maker dropped a dud on Dynamite which was a bit of a shocker to say the least. It should have been better than what it was.

That being said, it was definitely less of shock than Cody and Brandi announcing that they’re going to have a baby. While congratulations are certainly in order, their announcement video with the Gucci baby shoes was a little odd.

Cody Rhodes and Angélico had a great match. TH2 has been tearing up the tag team division but Angélico just proved that he is a worthy singles competitor. He might have lost the match, but he put on a great performance. He should be in at least the TNT Championship picture at some point.

The storyline between the remains of Eddie Kingston’s Family and the strange combination of Death Triangle and Lance Archer continued. Both Penta and Pac made their returns, complicating the situation even further. If that wasn’t enough, Rey Fenix is now facing Omega next week for the title.

How this all fits together is becoming completely unwieldy. The only way it makes sense is if Kenny starts running with Eddie and friends when he’s on Dynamite. That being said, bringing The Good Brothers in from Impact to watch his back might be even better.

The Women’s Division steps up

The Women’s Division showed up and showed out on this week’s Dynamite. In addition to a solid promo that furthered the feud between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker, there was an outstanding tag match. It was a good night all around for the ladies.

Serena Deeb and Big Swole teamed up to take on Ivelisse and Diamante in an excellent tag team match. It was a continuation of their backstage confrontation last week. Everyone looked great, but Deeb continued to prove why she’s one of the best wrestlers in the business.

Deeb and Swole picked up the surprise win, only to receive a beating from Ivelisse, Diamante, Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero after the match. Red Velvet ran in with a chair after the match for the save. While the match was good, the larger storyline in an odd place.

All of this relates to Jade Cargill who hasn’t appeared in the ring since interrupting Cody and inexplicably bringing up Shaq. A lot of that feud seemed to hinge on Brandi but she’s not going to be involved in any matches now that she’s pregnant. Some rewrites might be necessary.

What’s the endgame, here?

There were a few storylines running on Dynamite that have unclear goals at best. Whatever is going on between Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Adam page is amusing but makes no sense. If they’re seriously trying to recruit Page to the Dark Order, losing a big six-man tag match is a rough way to do it.

In the same match, AEW seemed to be hinting at fractures developing in The Hardy Party. Private Party was none too pleased with Hardy scooping up the pinfall after they did the heavy lifting. It seems odd breaking this partnership up now since they barely did anything as a trio.

One of the best matches of the evening featured The Acclaimed picking up a solid victory over SCU. But they followed that up by calling out The Young Bucks. The Acclaimed now have a tag team title match coming their way on Dynamite.

It’s way too early in their push for a title match. As great a team as they are, it’s unlikely that AEW is ready to take the belts off the Bucks. And failing to capture them could potentially hurt The Acclaimed’s push. That being said, this should still be one hell of a match.

Darby Allin’s TNT Championship run has been a little dull so far. He won the title at Full Gear several weeks ago and has yet to defend it. TNT is, for all intents and purposes, AEW’s TV title. It needs to do more than sit in the upper deck on Allin’s shoulder while he stares at Sting.

Speaking of The Icon, it’s great that he’s in AEW. But it’s been three weeks of him coming to the ring and little happening. He seems to have a problem with Team Taz but likes Cody and Darby. Where this goes from here needs to start coming into focus in the near future.

Kenny Omega and Joey Janela miss the mark

A couple of months ago, AEW had a tournament to decide the number one contender for Jon Moxley’s title. It’s not like AEW has a ranking system based on win/loss ratios or anything. Abadon is ranked number three and got a title shot before the number one ranked Big Swole by licking the championship belt.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega ultimately won the tournament and the championship. But health issues prevented Rey Fenix and Joey Janela from wrestling their matches during that tournament. Tonight was basically a make up match for Janela as he took on the new champ. If Janela won, he got a future title shot. He didn’t.

The no disqualification match simply didn’t land. It felt weirdly rushed from moment one and didn’t make good use of the no DQ stipulation. Both Omega and Janela wrestled reasonably well but nobody watching thought Joey was going to win this one. There was no tension in the match at all.

Don Callis talking over the match as he did pirate commentary certainly didn’t help things. Then, Omega doing color commentary while he wrestled was more annoying than anything else. Booker T did that gimmick way better in his TNA days.

Post-match, Death Triangle appeared. Pac pointed out to Kenny that Rey also missed out on his tournament match. As such, Tony Kahn greenlit a match between Rey and Kenny, which neither Omega and Callis were happy about. Hopefully, AEW books this one better.

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