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Death Triangle
Death Triangle


AEW Dynamite: Death Triangle to the Rescue

AEW Dynamite Review

Death Triangle was a big part of what worked on this week’s episode of Dynamite. It wasn’t as bad as last week’s episode by a longshot, but it still had it’s problems. When you have Penta, Rey Fenix and Pac around, everything can’t be all bad.

What was interesting about this episode was that it highlighted some of the most confusing aspects of AEW’s booking these days. Some of these issues are ongoing problems that need to be addressed. There are a few things that just don’t quite add up, and AEW needs to work on them to provide clarity.

Death Triangle

That being said, there were some good points for this week, mostly relating to Death Triangle, Serena Deeb and Dark Order. All in all, it was still an improvement over last week’s Dynamite but a lot of viewers must have been left scratching their collective heads a couple of times.

One problem on Dynamite was watching Marko Stunt get the crap beaten out of him by #FTR. Stunt has a big role to play in AEW but seeing him get beaten down like that is tiresome. The more invested people get in his character, the less people are going to want to see matches like that.

The good times

It’s hard to oversell how good Serena Deeb is in the ring. She is a talented wrestler, and is a superb NWA Women’s World Champion. She successfully defended her title against Tay Conti, who brought her A-game and proved that she should be in line for more title opportunities. It was a truly great match.

Tay’s association with the Dark Order seems to be growing. Their entire group accompanied her out to the ring, which seems to indicate that she’s all but joined the faction. If AEW ever decides to field a Women’s Tag Team title, Anna Jay and Tay Conti should definitely be in the mix.

Dark Order shone as a group in a backstage segment about what 2021 holds for them. John Silver was his usual absurdly over the top self and they dragged Adam Page into the whole thing. Hopefully, he joins the Dark Order and completes their face turn. It would look good on everyone involved, especially Page.

The TNT Championship match between Brian Cage and Darby Allin was also incredible. They are two talented performers, and they put on a memorable bout. Sting even came out to help even the odds when Team Taz interfered. Finally, it seems like his intentions on working with Darby are quite clear.

While the Inner Circle had another insane, rambling in ring segment on Dynamite, it’s at least leading to a triple threat tag match next week. The goal is to decide who will represent the Inner Circle in AEW’s Tag Team Division. If it’s not Santana and Ortiz, they had better strike out on their own.

Death Triangle represents

The same can be said for Dynamite’s opening bout. Pac represented Death Triangle in a great match against Eddie Kingston. Both of their respective teams were on the outside so shenanigans were flying around. The whole thing exploded in the end, as one would expect.

Later on in the evening, The Elite faced off against Varsity Blondes and an always incredible Danny Limelight. Everyone, including The Young Bucks, assumed The Elite meant them and Kenny Omega. It turned out Kenny meant him and The Good Brothers from Impact competing on Dynamite.

The Impact intruders picked up the win on Dynamite, only to be confronted by Jon Moxley after the match. The Lucha Bros, two thirds of Death Triangle, came out to help Mox and even the odds. Just to add a little spice to the moment, Penta and Rey gave the Bucks a nice pair of Superkicks for their trouble.

One would have to imagine that this was Death Triangle expressing their interest in the AEW Word Tag Team Championships. In all the fuss over The Young Bucks and #FTR, it seems to have been forgotten that The Lucha Bros should also be in contention for the title of best tag team in the world.

What the hell is going on?

After the end of the Pac/Kingston match on Dynamite, the two factions faced off in the ring. Suddenly, Lance Archer ran out and scared Eddie’s Family off, then got in Pac’s face. Death Triangle and Eddie’s Family have a good feud going. Archer’s involvement is incredibly confusing and unnecessary.

The other big downside to it is that it keeps him away from better programs. This is a wrestler who should be competing for titles. If he’s joining Death Triangle, then Eddie needs to find another wrestler to work with them. And if this is leading to a feud with Pac, then how Eddie fits in is the confusing part.

Additionally, Dynamite’s main event had an issue Allin and Cage had a great match but Cage lost by pinfall. This is yet another title match lost buy the big guy in AEW. It’s becoming impossible to take him seriously as a threat since he rarely wrestles and he keeps losing the big matches. That’s not how you build a monster heel.

Beyond any of that, it’s also long past time this incredibly stupid feud between Best Friends and Miro and Kip Sabian came to an end. The whole thing keeps getting worse and worse. On Dynamite, Miro and Chuck faced off in a pretty blah match to decide if Chuck would be Miro’s “young boy” or not.

Chuck lost, meaning he is in Miro’s service for a month and the story unfortunately continues. It’s hard to say what this whole thing is evolving into but it’s not good TV so far. The worst part is Orange Cassidy’s peripheral involvement in the feud has all but dragged any momentum he had to a halt.

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