AEW Dark: Team Taz Steals the Show

by Ian Goodwillie

AEW Dark Review

Team Taz is easily the top faction in AEW right now. And both Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs stepped in the ring to prove it on this week’s edition of Dark. But they were not the only ones by far. This episode of Dark featured some interesting matches, as well as some big wins.

The Women’s Division looked great over all as did the Tag Team Division. In addition to that, Anthony Ogogo was back on commentary. He was away for the past couple of weeks, and was actually missed. Excalibur and Taz are great together but they need that third heat, as Jack Donaghy would say.

Top Flight

“Pretty” Peter Avalon also jumped on commentary to pump his pageant during the match between the Varsity Blondes and Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow. Avalon is doing incredible work with his new gimmick. He cracked Taz up so hard the man actually sounded like he let out a snort on air.

The Women’s Division lights up the ring

Dark featured four solid women’s matches this week, all of them more than worth tuning in for. The first of those matches featured Tay Conti taking on Marti Daniels. Tay, as always, put on a great match. Seeing her released from WWE was sad but AEW is giving her a much brighter spotlight to shine in.

Anna Jay

Tay’s best buddy, Ann Jay, turned in a typically great performance against Alex Gracia. Anna just keeps getting better every time she’s in the ring. And Alex Gracia is starting to pick up steam. AEW should consider making her a permanent resident of their roster.

Another great permanent addition would be Tesha Price. She has yet to pick up a win but gets a lot of screen time and looks great in the ring. Tesha took on Serena Deeb, a woman who is easily in the top five women’s wrestlers in the business today, and put on a hell of match.

Red Velvet and Leva Bates also faced off in solid fight. These women are becoming cornerstone competitors in AEW Women’s Division as well as fan favorites. But there has to be a winner and this week it was Red Velvet, adding another convincing victory to her resume.

Red Velvet

Noticeable by her absence in recent weeks is Leyla Hirsch. She is an incredible competitor that AEW needs to be investing more time in on both Dark and Dynamite. Additionally, Team Taz should consider adding her as a member. She could easily throw Starks at Hobbs.

The Usual Suspects

Unfortunately, a lot of wrestlers lost matches who deserve to start picking up victories. Fuego Del Sol, Danny Limelight, Shawn Dean and Nick Comoroto all lost matches, and looked great doing it. At least Limelight got his first win on last week’s episode of Dark.

Lee Johnson losing again was particularly disappointing. He teamed with Aaron Solow, another guy too talented to be a jobber, in a losing effort. Lee’s membership in The Nightmare Family has amounted to nothing more than a keen windbreaker. Why he wasn’t with someone from his faction is perplexing at best.

Varsity Blondes Dark

Despite his obvious talent and potential, AEW seems determined to sleep on this guy. He should be removed from The Nightmare Family and added to Team Taz. At least the rest of his faction might support him, then. He and Hobbs would be solid contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

That being said, it was nice to see various members of the Dark Order continue their winning ways. Given how fans have been responding to them, it’s time to complete the face turn and to give the faction a monster push. 2021 could be the year of Dark Order, particularly since Colt Cabana is finally all in.

Additionally, Top Flight picked up another big win, this time over Chaos Project. But Bear Country also won against Baron Black and Nick Comoroto. These are two tag teams that could do big things for AEW if given the opportunity. They’re not in title contention, yet, but that time is coming.

Team Taz destroys the competition

This episode of Dark showed how dominant Team Taz is looking in 2021. Not only were they involved in two separate matches, Taz was lighting it up on commentary as always. If it keeps going like this for them, Dark will absolutely belong to Team Taz by the end of the year.

Team Taz

Ricky Starks opened the show by defeating Mike Verna. As always, Ricky destroyed his opponent in style. The man just looks good in every match, and his whole entrance package is incredible. This is a competitor who will carry a title at some point in 2021, without question.

Since joining Team Taz, Powerhouse Hobbs has found his identity in the ring. He absolutely dismantled Louie Valle, leaving him in a pile. He is the kind of partner Lee Johnson needs at this point. As previously mentioned, a team up with Hobbs could easily yield tag team gold for the duo and Team Taz.

Powerhouse Hobbs

Hook’s presence also continues to grow. He accompanied both members of Team Taz out to the ring. Additionally, he got involved in Powerhouse’s match, not that he needed the help. How Hook factors into Team Taz is still unclear but he already seems like he’s falling into place.

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