AEW Dark: Nick Comoroto Gets a Big Win

by Ian Goodwillie

AEW Dark Review

It was a strange night on AEW Dark. That was due in no small part to Nick Comoroto who came out of left field to team up with Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. The trio picked up the victory, putting a notch in win column for Comoroto.

But it wasn’t just Nick Comoroto that made it an interesting evening on Dark. There were a few deviations from the norm from AEW’s weekly YouTube show. It was actually quite refreshing in a number of unexpected ways that were certainly welcome.


“The Waiting Room” made its return. This time, Britt Baker was interviewing Ricky Starks, a man who is undoubtedly a future top tier superstar. As always, Britt’s talk show was a beautiful train wreck. The chemistry between her and Rebel is undeniable. Plus, Tony Schiavone made his return, running a flirty Starks off.

A night of killer matches

This week’s episode only had 13 matches but there was some absolute gold in the mix. Rey Fenix and KC Navarro turned out a great match. As one would expect, Rey picked up a convincing victory leading into Beach Break on Dynamite but Navarro looked amazing.

AEW Dark

The same can be said of the match between Tay Conti and Tesha Price. Conti’s winning ways continued with Anna Jay and Negative One in her corner. But Tesha Price also continues to impress. It was a match between two wrestlers who will undoubtedly be leaders in this company in the future.

Later in the evening, the second of the two Men’s Division singles matches on Dark went down. It featured Preston “10” Vance taking on Jake St. Patrick. Vance won the match in his typically convincing fashion. This is someone who will be in a title picture of some kind quite soon.

Unfortunately for Excalibur, Negative One returned to the commentary desk for Vance’s match. He’s quite entertaining. It actually got pretty funny when he and Taz bullied Excalibur clean off the desk, leaving them to close out the match.

Another big evening for the Women’s Division

In addition to the match between Tay Conti and Tesha Price, there were several other great Women’s Division matches. Red Velvet stepped through the ropes to take on Alex Gracia on Dark. Velvet continues to build up steam. If the Shaq/Cody feud only serves to make her star brighter, it’s absolutely worth it.

AEW Dark

Thunder Rosa took on Dani Jordyn. As always, Rosa proved why she is considered to be one of the best female wrestlers in the business today. But Jordyn was also great, putting on a a hell of a match. She might not be as well known as Rosa but Jordyn continues to prove that she belongs in the ring with such competitors.

Talking about how great Ivelisse and Diamante are each week on Dark never gets old. Pointing out that AEW needs to create a Women’s Tag Team Division does. These two need gold around their waists as soon as possible. Plus, building a Tag Team Division for the ladies would get more of their talent on the screen.

Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch continued to impress this week. She picked up her most recent win against Katalina Perez in a solid match. It seems like Leyla might be starting to get a bit of a push. As such, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see big things happening for her over the next few of weeks.

Dark tag team action

AEW’s Tag Team Division continued to prove their dominance on Dark. No one has a Tag Team Division that even comes close to what AEW offers. And that includes Ivelisse and Diamante, who are definitively one of the best tag teams AEW has on their roster.

The Acclaimed were in action, proving that point. They are an AEW built tag team, and have quickly become one of the best on the roster. They even debuted their new rap video on Dark about the upcoming Tag Team Battle Royale. These guys are money, plain and simple.

AEW Dark

Santana and Ortiz picked up yet another dominant victory. No matter who the Inner Circle’s “official tag team” is supposed to be, they don’t compare to these two. There is a time coming really soon when Santana and Ortiz will be the AEW World Tag Team Champions.

SCU also popped up to take down Chaos Project. Luther and Serpentico make appearances in the Dark main event quite frequently but they rarely win. They seem like an odd team to close out the show on instead of The Acclaimed or Santana and Ortiz.

AEW Dark

Taking a break from winning a trios match every two weeks on Dark, Gunn Club won a tag team match. It was good match. But given the number of wins the Gunns have it seems like they should have had a title shot by now. It’s also worth noting that Austin Gunn jumped on commentary, and was actually damn good.

Nick Comoroto opens the show

The trio of Nick Comoroto, QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes kind of came out of nowhere. But it makes a bit more sense when you know that Marshall trained Comoroto, so there is connection. As usual, Nick wrestled a great match and even got the pinfall victory for his team.

AEW Comoroto

Nick Comoroto earned that win. But it does raise the question of why Lee Johnson wasn’t part of that trio. He is supposedly a member of The Nightmare Family, and has yet to log a win in any kind of match. It doesn’t make sense that he wasn’t part of the team with QT and Dustin.

To be clear, this is not a criticism of Nick Comoroto at all. The man is an incredible talent with obvious star power just waiting to be unleashed. But the same thing can be said about Lee Johnsons. He has also earned the opportunity to be highlighted in the same way.

Speaking of matches that just kind of surprised everyone, Bear Country teamed with Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela in an Eight Man Tag Match. How this even came to be would be almost impossible to explain in any coherent fashion. Yet, this strange team worked and won.

Sonny Kiss Joey Janela

Fans rarely get to see Kiss and Janela in the ring together anymore since their brief push as a tag team fizzled out. But they still have magnetic chemistry that is undeniable. Bear Country didn’t get much time in the ring. Still, it was good to see them. Hopefully, they get some more TV time in the future.

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