AEW Dark: Marko Stunt on a Rampage

by Ian Goodwillie

AEW Dark always has a lot of factors that make it interesting. Fans get matches featuring talent that don’t often get the opportunity to appear on Dynamite. But this week the defining factor of the episode was Marko Stunt who appeared in two different segments.

Beyond Marko, the usual cast of wrestlers and jobbers appeared. The same wrestlers picked up victories. The same wrestlers picked up losses. AEW is building specific talent but they might want to mix things up once in a while. The show is becoming a bit predictable.

Varsity Blondes

That being said, this doesn’t change the fact that Dark is always filled with great matches. It was a little confusing when Fuego Del Sol and Brandon Cutler went for competing Cross Rhodes. And it was kind of sad not to see Panda X-Press again this week.

Anthony Ogogo is also settling in nicely at the announcer’s desk. He’s actually building some decent chemistry with Taz and Excalibur. AEW should seriously consider putting him out there for an entire episode of Dark and see how it goes.

The Women’s Division

The last few weeks have seen the AEW women’s division pick up steam, particularly on Dark. Out of 16 matches, six of them were women’s matches. And that doesn’t count the most recent episode of “The Waiting Room” featuring Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Reba/Rebel.


Red Velvet, Ivelisse, Diamante, Big Swole and Shanna all picked up decisive victories. What’s interesting is Ivelisse and Diamante have been pushing away from tag team competition as of late. That makes sense considering they had no other women’s tag teams to compete against. It looks like they’re back to being singles competitors, which is not a complaint. They’re great wrestlers.

Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero finally reappeared, with Rose absolutely crushing her opponent. AEW always seems reticent when it comes to what their goals are for The Native Beast. But the division needs a monster heel, and Rose is it. They should be pushing her a lot harder.

Lindsay Snow and Tesha Price have been appearing on Dark more and more. Both women are still early in their AEW careers, but they are definitely wrestlers the company should be investing in. Snow in particular would make one hell of an addition to Team Taz if they’re looking to make a foray into the women’s division.

Big Swole Lindsay Snow

While “The Waiting Room” has potential, the format still needs work. It’s designed to emulate a late night talk show. But most of the episode was Britt Baker in a strange conversation with a weirdly aggressive Dustin Rhodes. Then, Marko Stunt performed a song. The whole scene was a little odd.

Big Wins for the Right People

With a match coming up against The Young Bucks on Dynamite, TH2 picked up a necessary win against a pair of jobbers. It was a typical TH2 match, with big moves from Jack Evans and impressive submissions from Angélico. They are a talented duo.

TH2 Dark

Not to be outdone, both The Acclaimed and Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr., who are now going by Varsity Blondes, also picked up big wins. Both teams are slowly moving up the rankings but The Acclaimed are one of the most intriguing new tag teams AEW has. They have the talent, the gimmick and the charisma.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler both continued building on their winning streaks. The former jobbers are now the ones pinning jobbers on Dark week after week. It can only be a matter of time before the former tag team partners run across each other again.

Sonny Kiss

The best news of the evening was Sonny Kiss picking up a victory. As always, Sonny wrestled a great match with Joey Janela in his corner. The two of them have a natural chemistry that needs to be given a greater chance to grow.

Marko Stunt Dominates the Evening

Dark was a big show as always, with a total of 16 matches as well as interview segments. It’s always a packed program filled with wrestling. But as odd as this sounds, it was Marko Stunt who was the star of the night. He appeared in two completely different segments and showed off very different skill sets.

First, he was the musical guest on “The Waiting Room” after the weird interview with Dustin Rhodes came to an end. It turns out that Marko Stunt is actually a really good singer. Britt and Rebel’s awkward dancing throughout the song were either amazing or distracting depending on your point of view.

Later, Marko was part of a tag team match with Luchasaurus. Stunt actually looked pretty good in the match as it was the best bout he’s wrestled in quite some time. Luchasaurus did most of the heavy lifting, though, as one would expect in a Jurassic Express match.

Marko Stunt

Marko Stunt is a decent wrestler but it’s always rough seeing him get tossed around by much bigger opponents. But this week’s episode of Dark proved that Stunt’s natural charisma and mic skills are what he brings to the table. The rest of Jurassic Express just feeds off that energy.

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