AEW Dark: Lee Johnson Technically Picks Up a Win

by Ian Goodwillie

No, Lee Johnson didn’t win by pinfall or submission. Actually, he partnered with Aaron Solow to pick up another loss for their team. But Lee Johnson did defeat “Pretty” Peter Avalon in the Walk Off, and that certainly counts as a win of sorts.

AEW Dark was jam packed with matches again this week. A total of 15 bouts of wall to wall wrestling awesomeness. This included six great Women’s Division matches as well as four solid tag team bouts. It was actually a well rounded episode.


It was great to see Danny Limelight pick up his second AEW win against Sean Maluta. Danny Limelight recently referred to himself as the hottest free agent in wrestling. The man isn’t wrong. If AEW doesn’t sign him to a contract soon, another company is going to. Plus, -1 was on commentary, which was cool.

-1 was on commentary for several matches. He actually has legitimate chops for the announcer’s desk. The kid was hilarious and awesome. Plus, he laid a savage kendo stick beating on Brian Pillman Jr. Preston Vance had to pull him off Pillman before -1 did any real damage.


A shoutout also goes to Brooke Havoc who made her pro wrestling debut on Dark in a loss against Britt Baker. She has been training at the Nightmare Factory, and had her first match ever. Havok actually looked really good. If Baker is in the market for a protégé, this young lady would be a good choice.

Big wins for big players

Dark was filled with some big wins, mostly for the usual suspects. Shanna continued her winning streak. Unfortunately, it was at the expense of KiLynn King. Both Shanna and KiLynn are worth pushing. AEW will hopefully find storylines for them soon on the new show.

Also in the Women’s Division, Britt Baker, Abadon, Tay Conti with -1, and Red Velvet all picked up convincing, and important, victories. But Ivelisse absolutely shone in her beat down of Jazmin Allure. Ivelisse is one of those performers who always feels like she’s on the verge of something big in AEW.

KiLynn King

Sadly, Dark wasted time on the Miro/Chuck storyline. Miro made a rare appearance on the show to beat up a jobber and drag his new butler around. Fortunately, Preston “10” Vance also wrestled picked up a win with -1 on commentary, which is more than made up for it. The man is slowly becoming the MVP of the Dark Order.

The previously mentioned Danny Limelight looked great as always but he wasn’t the only one. Powerhouse Hobbs also stepped into the ring to absolutely annihilate his opponent. Joining Team Taz was great for Hobbs’ profile but he hasn’t had many actual matches. He’s just been staring at Sting a lot.

It’s also worth mentioning that Baron Black had a great match with Rey Fenix on Dark. Then again, it’s hard to have a bad match with Rey Fenix. Baron Black has all the tools to be a star, but his current gimmick is not not working for him. His entrance music in particular could use some work.

The night of Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson’s arc in AEW has been confusing to say the least. The man is obviously talented and has plenty of untapped potential. But for some reason, AEW hasn’t seen fit to honor him with a victory despite being with the company for a while, now.

A few months ago, Lee was suddenly added to the roster of The Nightmare Family. That has amounted to exactly nothing, which has proven to be disappointing. He’s rarely seen with the faction and even his loose association with them hasn’t led to a victory.

Lee Johnson

Recently, Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow have been teaming on Dark. Neither man has a win in any capacity, yet. But there is a natural chemistry between them that AEW is hopefully paying attention to. Their first win didn’t happen on Dark as they lost to Jurassic Express.

Later in the evening, Lee Johnson would return for a Walk Off against “Pretty” Peter Avalon. PPA’s current gimmick is beyond epic at this point. And bringing Lee into the mix was smart. He needs more opportunities to show off his personality and this was a good one.

The only problem was Cezar Bononi showed up beat the crap out of him, implying an association with Avalon. A feud between Johnson and Bononi would do wonders for both men’s careers in AEW. They could have a superb match, building to a big win for Johnson. If they can work Solow into this, too, all the better.

Another solid night for tag teams

Much like last week’s episode of Dark, this week had some great tag team action. Jurassic Express added to their resume with another win. The combination of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy is pure gold. AEW can only go for so long without putting the gold on them.


SCU continued their win streak at the expense of Terrence and Terrell Hughes. As great a team as SCU is, their time has passed and it’s time to move on. Scorpio Sky has all but left the group at this point. All that’s missing is an official announcement.

The Butcher and The Blade also showed up, and dished out a straight up, old school beating. These two are thugs in the ring and they’re damn good at it. Plus, The Bunny is on a streak of pummeling their opponents outside of the ring.

But the tag match of the night featured Santana and Ortiz. They picked up yet another victory on Dark, which puts them one step closer to the title picture. This duo has wrestled more matches in the first two or three weeks of 2021 than they did in the last two or three months of 2020. And that’s being generous.

Santana and Ortiz Inner Ci

Santana and Ortiz lost the match on Dynamite to decide who the official Inner Circle tag team would be. That has to be a forerunner to them leaving the faction and striking out on their own. It’s time for them to do what they do best, and that’s dominate as one of the best tag teams in the world.

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