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A Study Has Now Shown Which Video Game Characters Would Be in the Financial 1%



Money. It is something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. For most of us, we rarely have enough of it. Money may be a stressful element in the real world but in video games, it is a little less intimidating (seeing as most of the time it is usually just lying around here there and everywhere waiting for us to collect it). Games are a great way to be taken away to a fantasy world or outer space but it is also a fantastic way to achieve the most sought after dream of them all: financial stability. I personally love to pretend that I am part of the financial elite in games by collecting whatever forms currency is taking in the game I am playing and hoarding it unnecessarily. It seems that I cannot shake off the need to be incredibly careful even in a fictional world. But if it came to reality, which characters would be considered as part of that one percent? Online finance service NetCredit actually took the time to research various video game characters, in-game currencies, the currency caps and their values to put together a list of characters that would be on the rich list in reality. Let’s take a look.

Image Courtesy of NetCredit

Of course, the coin collecting Mario takes number one with an insane total of over 800 billion to his name. Does that make him the Jeff Bezos of the video game world? Maybe but I don’t have as much of an urge to send Mario into outer space forever. The number two and three spots are taken up but Ratchet and Clank- thanks to those bolts having an estimated value of around 65 cents leading to a total of just over 450 million dollars- and Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect games- with one credit equalling around 16 cents and an estimated value of over 6 million dollars. 800 billion to 400 million and then 6 million are rather large jumps in value so I think it is safe to say that if these characters were real and their values correct, Mario would be our supreme overload with Ratchet and Clank as his second in command and Commander Shepard as their loyal henchman. Even Sonic the Hedgehog is only worth about 4 million (saying only 4 million feels so wrong) despite all that ring collecting and with each ring estimated at 58 dollars. Maybe it is because he is prone to dropping them so much. Although if the rings really were worth that much, I have a feeling he would not be putting himself in so many situations where he could drop them at any second.

Some other inclusions in the lists are rich kids Sora- the 14 year old protagonist from Kingdom Hearts– whose Munny currency is estimated to be worth 1 dollar and 30 cents per one in-game- being worth almost 200 million and the 10 year old Pokémon Trainer- whose Pokémon dollars are estimated at a value of 0.0075 cents- being worth 525 thousand dollars. The final spots are taken By Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy series, Banjo- Kazooie, Link from the Legend of Zelda (I’m surprised he is only worth just over 100 thousand dollars with all that pot smashing), Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher games, Spyro the Dragon and Donkey Kong. I think there is only one thing to determine from this list: it is Mario’s world and we are all just living in it.  Have a look at the in-depth look at the how the estimations of the in-game currencies were established and what games in the series are the most valuable in the images below. For the whole article on NetCredit, check it out here.

Image Courtesy of NetCredit
Image Courtesy of NetCredit

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