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A New Deleted Scene from ‘Super Mario Bros.’ (the Movie) Has Been Discovered



Back in 1993, director Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel were given the tough task of converting a non-narrative Nintendo video game into a motion picture. That movie, of course, is Super Mario Bros. the first live-action video game movie ever made. Despite a big-name cast, some flashy sets, and over 700 visual effects, Super Mario Bros. was a critical and commercial disaster with fans and pundits criticizing the confusing narrative and inconsistent tone. There’s a lot wrong with Super Mario Bros. the movie but as our very own Christopher Cross wrote, the filmmakers can’t be blamed for not trying and what it lacks in sensible storytelling, it makes up for in ambition — even if that ambition is misplaced and very poorly executed.

Despite the bad reviews, Super Mario Bros. has garnered a huge cult following over the years— so much so that the folks at Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive have taken on the massive task of digging up scenes that were left on the cutting room floor with plans to release these deleted scenes as part of a larger definitive Blu-Ray re-release. Check out the most recent deleted scene discovered this past week. Enjoy.

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