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Fan-Made Recreation of ‘A Link To The Past’ Is Incredibly Charming



A fan of The Legend of Zelda game series has been hard at work recreating the classic Super Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past within the Unity engine. The amount of fans recreating their favourite video games has increased significantly (such as the fans who created a modded and updated version of Resident Evil 3)due to the technology becoming freely available to do so. It is fantastic to see the gaming community create their own content and this recreation is no exception.

The super skilled fan in question is a 3D animator from Australia who goes by the name BlobVanDam online. He has built up a brilliant portfolio of content, including the impressive recreation of the 1991 Zelda title that he has demonstrated on his Twitter page.

The original A Link to the Past is a 2-D game with an overhead perspective, similar to a variety of 90’s Nintendo titles. BlobVanDam has recreated it entirely in 3-D with Unity whilst maintaining the overhead style. The original was extremely well received and critically acclaimed and whilst a remake of the 1993 The Legend of Zelda game Link’s Awakening is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year, some believed that a Link to The Past remake should also have been on Nintendo’s agenda. BlobVanDam is making that dream a reality and for that, we salute you kind sir.

Check out BlobVanDam’s Twitter page and his YouTube account for more on his recreation of A Link to the Past as well as his other videos (one of my personal favourites is his recreation of the Avengers Fortnite event in the style of a Playstation One game).

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