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A Breakdown of a Crucial Scene in ‘El Camino’: A Breaking Bad Movie’

Leading up to the release of El Camino, there was much speculation as to which characters from the original series would return. As it turns out, several original cast members made an appearance in various flashbacks that put a clever spin on the proceedings including Todd, Jesse Pinkman’s affable white-supremacist imprisoner played by actor Jesse Plemons. Of the entire original cast, Todd plays the biggest role in El Camino and apart from Aaron Paul’s Jesse, Todd has arguably more screentime than anyone else.

Set during the time Jesse was being held captive by Jack’s Nazi gang, El Camino features several scenes that follow Todd and Jesse over the course of a day, giving Breaking Bad fans a far greater insight into Todd’s troubled mindset. One of the most disturbing scenes comes during a heart-breaking flashback when a still-captive Jesse helps Todd bury a dead body in the middle of the desert. What follows is a tense stand-off after Jesse discovers a gun in the glove box of Todd’s car, and is given a chance to kill Todd and escape. Unfortunately, Jesse is so beaten down from his time in captivity, he is unable to pull the trigger. It’s a tragic moment and one of the best scenes in the entire movie— and thanks to Netflix, a breakdown video has been released with Aaron Paul giving us a shot-by-shot explanation of how and why they shot the sequence.

Check out the video below and be sure to set aside some time and read our review of El Camino which you can find here.

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