Fan-Made ‘Mega Maker’ is ‘Super Mario Maker’ for the ‘Mega Man’ Series!

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Chances are, you’ve heard of Super Mario Maker by now, and you all have a pretty good understanding of what the game is about. Super Mario Maker is not perfect, but pretty darn close and two years later, it still has an active and passionate community creating new levels on a daily basis.

Ever since Super Mario Maker was released, video game fans have been asking for a level creator for other beloved franchised like Zelda and Mega Man. While we are still waiting on Nintendo to release a Legend of Zelda 2D game that will allow fans to create and play their own custom levels and dungeons (although there is a fan project currently in development), it didn’t take long for the enthusiast gaming community to mimic the Mario Maker template and adapt it to one of my personal favourite franchises, Mega Man!

Capcom may not have any plans to make a new Mega Man game anytime soon but now fans will be able to do it themselves. Mega Maker is exactly that and more. Not only is it a new level editing tool for the classic NES Mega Man titles, but it’s a fully fledged fan game as well. Seriously, it looks fantastic judging by the trailer embedded below. The only concern is, will Capcom’s legal department do something about it?

Mega Maker is scheduled to be released on July 15th.

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