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Watch the Animated Tribute for Satoru Iwata from the Game Developers Choice Awards



Iwata Tribute Video GDC

Generations of children have grown up loving video games without ever knowing the names of the men and women responsible for creating the products. That isn’t the case for Satoru Iwata who is remembered and known worldwide for his many great accomplishments while working at Nintendo. During his tenure, Iwata placed a great deal of focus on accessibility and open communication with his fans and wasn’t afraid to pull back the curtain on the notoriously secretive company. Witty, occasionally sarcastic, sometimes quirky but always charming, Iwata’s approach to running a billion dollar company is something to admire. Eight months after his death, the much-loved Iwata was remembered tonight at the GDC Awards in San Francisco, in a touching bit of animation that reportedly drew tears and fond applause from the crowd. Watch the four-minute animated video below made by Raber Umphenour, Shawne Benson and Braid artist David Hellman, with some help from Chris Kohler

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