Nintendo announces a limited edition Super Famicom Nintendo 3DS

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Say what you want about Nintendo’s baffling marketing conventions as of late, the company never fails in pulling at our nostalgia heartstrings. Not too long ago they released a NES Edition 3DS XL, inspired by the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System controller. The special edition 3DS XL was revealed during GameStop’s annual EXPO event in Anaheim, California alongside two other custom designs and if you liked that, you’ll love this …

Nintendo of Japan had an announcement during its version of today’s Nintendo Direct earlier today stating that the company is releasing a Super Famicom-themed limited edition version of its New Nintendo 3DS overseas. Sorry folks, it won’t be available anywhere outside of Japan.

The Super Famicom New 3DS is priced at ¥21,600 (about $190) and will be released in Japan in April. Here’s another look at the Super Famicom-themed handheld courtesy of Polygon.


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