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50 Best AEW Wrestlers (2021 Edition)

With this list, we try and narrow down the best AEW wrestlers of the past year, and while most of you won’t agree with the order, I think we can all agree, the AEW roster is seriously stacked!



50 Best AEW Wrestlers 2021 Edition
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Best AEW Wrestlers

AEW 2021 Power Rankings:

AEW reached a new milestone this week, producing 100 episodes of Dynamite— and with so many new additions to the roster, what better time to update our list of the best AEW wrestlers. What follows is our AEW power rankings for 2021, published just hours ahead of AEW’s hottest pay-per-view event, All Out.

While compiling the list, it became apparent just how loaded the AEW roster is. Even with fifty slots available, we had to leave out several of our favourite stars, including Eddie Kingston, Penelope Ford, Stu Grayson, Max Castor, and Big Swole, to name a few.

The list is decided by a combination of factors, including star power, in-ring talent, and what each wrestler has achieved during their time with the company. It isn’t all about championships and wins, though, as we also considered their excellent chops on the mic and skill when helping produce killer video packages and promos. Yes, folks, we considered everything from their overall personality to their finishing moves to their entrances, the gear they wear, and how much potential they show to help carry the company to bigger and better things in the future.

With that said, click the slideshow below to see our list of the 50 best AEW wrestlers of 2021.

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