5 Game Franchises That Demand Remakes

by William Barboza
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Doom is the most recent in a long line of games to get a fancy next generation polish. Remaking video games is a recent trend, but a successful one. Developers have only scratched the surface when it comes to dusting off and revitalizing classics, and if any franchises deserve an update, it’s these ones:

5. Ecco The Dolphin

Hear me out.

Ecco The Dolphin is one of the strangest, most amazing experiments ever released. It also stands as the lone dolphin-based video game franchise….so there’s that.

Most importantly, it scared the shit out of kids in the 80s.

The setup is simple enough. The player is Ecco, a fun loving Dolphin whose pod is abducted by aliens. Yes, that really is the premise.

Ecco is the last hope for his friends and family, having to travel through time, to face the H.R. Geiger-like alien queen.


Sure, for “kids”.

In a time when everything was either a fighting game, or a Mario knock off, Ecco splashed through the norm and created something insane, but fun.

Sometimes, gamers just want to swim through the ocean and fight aliens.

4. Tie-Fighter

Thank the maker, Star Wars is relevant again. Since it made the jump from light-speed and back into popular culture, a whole new slew of games is headed to consoles.

There are lots of Star Wars titles deserving of remakes, but Tie-Fighter soars above them all.

In this Lucas Arts Dos game, players hopped into the cockpit of an Imperial Tie-Fighter and blasted Rebel scum. As deep as it was clunky, the game was a unique and challenging way to explore the franchise.

Gog Games and Steam re-released it not long ago, and the gameplay still holds up. The odds of getting a remake might be as slim as successfully navigating an asteroid field, but we can all hope.

3. Banjo Kazooie

Back when Rare was making games, they created the gold standard of 3D platforming, all on the backs’ of a bird and bear.

Both Banjo Kazooie games have held up well, but the possibility of bringing these two back is too tantalizing to pass up.


Who asked for this?

Rare has toyed with the idea of bringing them back, though their first attempt was anything but a success. Funnily enough, fans didn’t enjoy a Banjo Kazooie game that abandoned the core mechanics of the franchise in favor of a racing game. Go figure.

So, the bird and bear are still absent from consoles. Hopefully one day they’ll make a triumphant return, or at least be guest stars in Diddy Kong Racing 2. Speaking of abandoned racing franchises…

2. F-Zero

F-zero is, and always has been, Nintendo’s red-headed stepchild. The last real F-Zero game was GX for the Gamecube. The franchise was acclaimed for its difficulty, insane courses, dizzying speeds, and head-banging music.

With GX, Nintendo seemed poised to bring Captain Falcon to the next generation of consoles.

F-zero in game

The “zero” in the title refers to the odds that Nintendo will ever make another game in the series.

And then 13 years went by without even a hint of a new game.

With races featuring 30 plus drivers, a new game with online multiplayer makes sense to everyone but Nintendo. Due to the recent failure of F-Zero’s sister series Star Fox, the outlook of getting a new installment is looking about as bleak as being on the receiving end of a Falcon punch.

Oh well, at least they might add another F-Zero track to Mario Kart 8.

1. Metal Gear

Fun fact, Metal Gear Solid is not the first game of the Metal Gear franchise. That honor goes to its fussy NES grandparent, Metal Gear. The game was a jumping on point for the series’ convoluted story, following Snake and Big Boss’s first battle.

Time has been about as kind to Metal Gear as it has been to Snake himself. The NES game is a confusing proto-type of what Metal Gear Solid would go-on to be.


Don’t we all?

The real draw is the story.  Arguably the most coherent of the series, which is saying something, the first installment has more meaning thanks to what follows it.

This is one game that the NES didn’t do justice.

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