28 Artists Collaborated on this Incredible Quarantine Poster

Ever since the novel coronavirus spread across the globe earlier this year, it has caused seismic disruptions to everyday life. And depending on where you live, daily activities have rarely extended beyond the confines of one’s neighborhood.

But with fewer distractions and increased downtime, many people have found the time to start new projects or complete those long forgotten. And others have used their time under quarantine to think outside the box and tackle creative endeavors they would never have thought of doing pre-COVID-19.

Take for instance this incredible piece made by a team of 28 artists who found themselves stuck inside due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The man who brainstormed the idea is artist Daniel Danger, who gave each of the 27 participating artist instructions to draw something that best represents them within a room.

“This will always be remembered as a very strange time in our lives,” Danger told io9. “So why not document it strangely?”

The piece, which is currently untitled, debuted over at io9 earlier today.

If you’d like to purchase a print, there are currently 18 x 24-inch screenprints available in three different colorways, in timed editions through July 31 which you can buy here.

The black and white set costs $50 and the blue and green versions which you can see here, cost $70.

Here is the list of artists who contributed:

  • Anne Benjamin
  • Sara Deck
  • Matt Taylor
  • Clarie Hummel
  • Matt Ryan Tobin
  • Paige Reynolds/Phantom City Creative
  • Daniel Danger/Tiny Media Empire
  • Jack Hughes
  • Justin Erickson/Phantom City Creative
  • Rory Kurtz
  • Justin Santora
  • Dave Kloc
  • Truck Torrence/100% Soft
  • Gary Pullin
  • Becky and Frank
  • Aaron James Powers
  • Jacquelin Deleon
  • Dan McCarthy
  • Marc Aspinall
  • Nicholas Moegly
  • John Vogl
  • Rich Kelly
  • Paul Jackson
  • James Flames
  • Shane Hillman
  • Rowan MacColl
  • Nan Lawson
  • Calvin Laituri

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